Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Problems Yesterday

New Doctor

We ran into a few problems yesterday.  Mom started out the day trying to find a new doctor for her and Dad.  She pulled up their insurance website and started calling doctors.  She found out that even though the website says they were accepting new patients, they were not.  She was finally able to find one nearby.  She was hoping for someone with Saturday hours, but that may be a thing of the past.  She found one who said they did on their website, but when she called, she was told the website was wrong.  She now has to get their medical records transferred, but she needs to get a confirmation from the insurance company that the change is okay.

No Electric

The second problem of the day lasted much longer and bothered me.  Our electric went off.  Mom found out it was just us.  Our 50 amp breaker kept tripping outside.  It was the campgrounds' issue and not ours.  She told the office and they called an electrician.  We later heard that he was not sure if he was coming.  We were told we could move or try using 30 amp service.  Mom couldn't find the cord that converts to 30 amp.  Dad didn't respond to her texts and she didn't want to call him since it was his first day of work.  It got too hot to stay inside.  It was 90 inside, so we sat outside.  I didn't want to sit outside even though it was shady and we had a nice breeze.  I cried and cried.  Finally, the electrician showed up at 4:30.  He was a rude guy.  He wasn't happy about coming by and barely spoke to Mom except to tell her that the breaker was just turned off.  Mom told him that it had tripped four times.  He left and we didn't know if he had fixed it, but we discovered that he had taken it apart.  We figured he was just getting a new part.  He came back and then left without saying a word to us.  It was fixed.  Don't you think he could have said it was fixed?  I guess if we were the ones paying for the service he would have been nicer.  The electric issue lasted 7 hours.  Luckily, it wasn't a hot day like today. We could have turned on the generator, but we didn't want to do that unless it was a true emergency.  If it happened on a hot day, we definitely would go that route though.


Mom went all out with dinner last night.  She was rushing since we didn't have our electric back on until 5:10. She fixed black beans in the Instant Pot. She also made fajitas and Mexican rice.  It is quite the chore fixing that much when only one appliance can be used at a time.  The fajitas turned out great.  The beans were good, but not worth the time.  Mom will used canned beans next time.  She used dry beans and after they were cooked, she fried them with onions and garlic.  The rice was made in the microwave.


We spoke with the office lady this morning.  Mom asked if I was allowed to walk around the office area.  There are rocking chairs and a fire pit there.  She said, "Of course."  Mom said she didn't know since the signs said that pets are now allowed around the lake. She said that I am not allowed to touch the water.  We are excited because now we can sit out by the lake.  We didn't think that was allowed.  We then walked around the lake.  The only bad part is that we had to climb over some rocks.  We don't know if that will be a daily occurrence.

This place is very well maintained.  They are cutting grass today.  It doesn't even look like it needs it!

The view of the office from the other side of the lake.

BBQ area


Our neighbors have a son who is probably in his 20's.  He is in a wheelchair.  They do not have a ramp for him. He comes down the steps in his wheelchair. 😟 It is rather scary to see it.  We think he needs a ramp.

Dad's New Job

Dad started his new job yesterday. His drive is about 20 minutes.  He is used to an hour. 

New Blog Design

If you read our blog on a computer, you probably noticed we changed our design.  What do you think?  We thought a change was needed since we are no longer traveling. 

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