Monday, May 29, 2017

We Bought, We Sold And We Moved

We had a very busy weekend.  It started out on Friday when Mom saw a car that looked like it would work for us.  Actually, she found it Thursday night after she learned that the new car salesman was not going to honor the price that he offered them for a car.  It was the second time that week that he had messed up.  On Friday, she looked at the car again and found that they had lowered the price by a $1,000.  Mom texted Dad and asked if they could look at it Friday night and if they liked it, they could be all ready with a certified check on Saturday.  They test drove it and really liked it.  They decided to buy it.  The deal almost fell through when the salesman added what he called a mandatory charge.  It was for $995 and he said they would fix any door dings that we got.  Dad told him we didn't want that.  He said we didn't have a choice. The supervisor came over and the folks thought he was going to try and pressure them into taking it, but he didn't.  He said he would remove it.  That was good because Dad was not going to pay for it.  The folks were really surprised when they were told they could write a personal check and take the car home with them.  It is a 2014 Ford Focus.  It only has 22,000 miles and it is Ford Certified.  That means that Ford has checked it over and now they get another year of warranty on it.  They also get six free oil changes. The oil changes just come with buying a car from them. The folks had checked out CarFax and knew the history of the car.  It was leased and never had any issues.

Dad's new car.

This is probably the cleanest it will ever be.
On Saturday, Mom decided to call the scooter salesman back and ask him if he still wanted Buddy.  He wasn't thrilled with a Buddy 50 because he said they are the hardest to sell because they don't go very fast.  Mom had sent him pictures a few weeks ago so he could see the condition, but he never responded.  Mom was going to sell it on her own but really didn't want to deal with people.  She had read that she shouldn't let anyone test drive it in case they wrecked it. She didn't want to be sued if they were injured.  So, she decided to take a little less money for him so that she could be done with it.  She was sad to sell him, but she said she wouldn't be riding him since she now has the Jeep to drive.  The folks loaded him up and took him to the dealer.  She was surprised when the dealer offered them $50 for the carrier that they used to get Buddy there.  It works fine, but it is getting rusty.  It made selling Buddy to him a better deal.  The guy sent Mom an email later that day thanking you for her business and told her he would find Buddy a good home.  BOL!

On Sunday, we moved to a different site here in the park.  The site we were in was pretty pricey and we had only planned on staying here two months because of that.  Mom asked the manager if there were any other sites we could move into that were a lower price.  She said they had a site that they had just reduced the price on and we would fit.  It is another pull through.  We are away from the propane tank and have a decent view of the lake. Mom really likes. There is currently not anyone next to us.  I am a bit confused as to why we moved and I keep going back to our site and wishing I was there.

The new robot vacuum arrived today.  Mom did a short test drive with it.  It is not loud, but I don't think I am going to like it.  The battery is charging now and it will be ready to go tomorrow.  It is supposed to clean while we are on our morning walk.  It better leave me alone.

The Greyhound Who Needs To Rest After Such A Busy Weekend

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