Wednesday, May 3, 2017


Many of the hotels that Dad worked at gave him gifts when he left.  Dad worked at the Ritz Carlton in Dallas a few times and they always included Mom in the gifts.  This time, they gave both Mom and Dad spa robes. They are very, very nice! 

Mom's robe is a pretty peach. The color is not showing up well here.

Dad's is black.
 They also gave Mom a cookbook signed by Chef Dean Fearing.  He has a restaurant at the hotel.  As you can imagine, Mom was thrilled getting a cookbook and it is the Texas Food Bible!  Is that appropriate or what?

Dean Fearing's autograph.
Dad also received a very nice coffee cup.

In Other News

It is a muggy day here.  Today is our first rain.  Storms could occur tonight.  Mom was reading about past tornadoes that have occurred here.  It sounds like they are smaller and don't occur all that often.  There have been no fatalities since 1950. (The report was from 1950 to present.)  So, that is reassuring. They do not have storm sirens in this county.   The storms in Dallas were bad. We are really hoping that it is not like that here.  We have been here in the past and never had an issue.  There is the hurricane concern, of course.

Our washing machine seems to like it here.  It is running like it should.  Mom thinks it could be because it is completely level here.  We hope it continues.

There is not a greyhound here as we were told.  The person at the reservation center told us there was a greyhound.  She must have been confused with another property. There are only a few dogs here that we have seen.  I am okay with that.

Instant Pot

Mom fixed Honey Bourbon Chicken last night.  She also fixed rice and then fried it in another skillet since the chicken was in the Instant Pot.  Egg rolls were fixed in the air fryer.  Dad thought the Honey Bourbon Chicken was good.  Mom thought it had a bit too much honey.  

Tonight, she is fixing loaded mac and cheese in the Instant Pot, meatloaf in the air fryer and asparagus in the skillet.  

The Greyhound Who Really Enjoys 3 a.m. Walks.  Mom No So Much

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