Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Our First Weekend In Houston

I had a good and bad weekend.  I went to Petsmart.  I love Petsmart.  However, I forgot they had vets there.  I had to get my rabies vaccine.  I was about to expire.  Expiring sounds like a bad thing.  They weighed me.  I weigh the same as I did five years ago.  They still said I was overweight.  My vet always said I was fine, but yes, I could loose a few pounds. She gave me some medicine for my corn.  Mom doesn't think it will work, but she bought it anyway.  They gave me a Benadryl shot since the last time I had a shot, I had a reaction that scared Mom.  I didn't have any type of reaction this time.  I also had a blood test so I could get my Heartguard refilled.  It was an exhausting morning.  We stopped at What-A-Burger on the way home.  I got a few fries since I was a good boy.  I know, not good for my figure, but if you had someone do things to you that I did, you would get a fry too.

Here I am resting after my vet visit.
 Mom really misses having a yard and garden.  She bought a lantana this weekend.  She used to have them at home.  Hers got really large because she brought them inside in the winter and put a heat lamp on them.  We are wondering if she will be able to keep it in the winter here if she covers it if it gets really cold.

She noticed a lot more tropical plants for sale here than at other places.


 Saturday night, we walked to the lake and Dad fished.

I watched.

Happy boy!

There is a fire pit, but we didn't use it.

The folks ate dinner at Gringo's.  It is a Mexican place here.  Mom said it was really good.

Dad's meal was fajitas and shrimp wrapped in bacon.

Burrito with rice.  Mom said the rice was really good.
Dad fixed our ceiling fan on Sunday.  One of the blade brackets had broken.  Mom tried to find a replacement, but couldn't get any help on that from anyone connected to our RV.  They ended up finding something that worked at Home Depot.

A few of the RVs have left that blocked our view to the lake.  We can kind of see it now.  We would move into a lake site, but our rig is too large.  We would be sticking out into the street by about five feet.

This site is wet because kids had used chalk on the pad and management cleaned it up for the next person.

Mom is washing my bed today.  I am not happy.

We like this park, but not much goes on.  Most people who stay here are men and they leave for work at 5:30 a.m.  It is pretty quiet.

Our weather has been good.  The humidity is high today.  You can tell by Mom's hair.  BOL!  She bought a flat iron to tame it on bad days.  It is usually windy.  We have been able to put our awning out a few times, but it normally doesn't make it all day because it gets too windy for it.

The Greyhound Who Is Waiting For His Bed To Get Washed and Dried

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