Thursday, May 18, 2017

Car Shopping And A Trip To Galveston

We are going to be a two car family again!  Mom says it will be so strange to have a car of her own again.  She got Buddy four years ago so that she would be able to get out while Dad was at work.  We stayed at several places where she couldn't ride Buddy though.  The place we are at now is one of those places.  There is a McDonald's just down the street that she would like to visit but the wind here is crazy!  Even if it wasn't windy, she has not found a decent route for Buddy to go shopping.  We are located right at the highway and the route that she thought would work has a closed road.  We will have a new car soon enough and then Buddy will be sold.  Mom will get the Jeep, which now has over 200,000 miles on it.  She is not complaining about that. I am just saying that our Jeep has been good to us and Mom and I both really like it.  Dad will get the newer car because it will get better gas mileage and he needs a car more than Mom does.

The folks went car shopping on Saturday.  They are going to buy a Ford Focus because it is a car that can be towed with four wheels down like the Jeep.  Dad rented one last month and he liked it.  They test drove one on Saturday and they really liked it, but the car dealer wouldn't budge on the price.  Dad has seen some others with less miles for less money, so they passed on that one.

They found another restaurant that they really liked.  It is called Jax Burger and Fries.  They both had the Fried Pickle Burger and shared an order of garlic fries.  The burger was spicier than they expected. It had jalapeno ranch sauce on it.  Mom said the garlic fries were fantastic. They have butter and tons of garlic on them.  Mom said they will definitely eat there again.

On Sunday, the folks drove to Galveston for lunch.  On the way, they stopped at an RV park that Dad wanted to see.  Mom said it would be wonderful to live there.  It is right on the bay.  The site that she wants has a private pier.  Dad would love to fish there. The sunsets are spectacular.  The rent is a little less than here, but they do charge $20 a month for laundry and it doesn't matter if you use their machines and there is a $15 a month charge for EMS because they are on an island.  It is about an hour drive for Dad.   It would be really nice and Dad said maybe we would move there in the fall.

We would park the motor home so that this is our view out of the windshield.

This is where our chairs would go.

Dad said these are the flowers he saw in Hawaii.  They are at the RV resort.
 The folks ate lunch at The Spot in Galveston.  It was packed and there was not any room to sit outside.

Dad had a seafood plate.

Fried pickles

Mom's dried out burger and fries.  She brought me a few fries. I liked them.
 The drove along the beachfront.

Mom said it was nice to see the beach again.  It made her happy.  She has been pretty lonely the last few weeks.  There is no one here to talk to and she can't get out on Buddy.  This week, she has been busy trying to earn money by doing surveys.  She has her eye on a robotic vacuum.  She used to have a Roomba which she really liked but it was always breaking down.  We think maybe our house was too big for it.  It worked great in the old motor home.  Mom said it was so nice to turn it on and leave and come back to a clean RV.  The vacuum she has her eye on now will probably work well in our little home.  She doesn't think I will like it, so she plans on turning it on when we go for our morning walk.  We will let you know when we get it.

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