Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Day 61 - 105 - A New Record

We set a new record high for June 26.  It was 105. It was 97 by 11 a.m.  Mama had to check that on two sources because she didn't think that could be true.  Our air conditioners ran non-stop and were only able to keep it around 82-84 in here.  We have a fan that we use and that made it okay.  We didn't have the awning out yesterday due to possible storms. It does make a difference having it out, so even though there is a small chance of storms today, we have it out.  Mama will just have to take it down if storms pop up.  It was 99 at 8 p.m. The air was so still, so it was very stuffy.  Our living room air conditioner finally took a break around 9 p.m.  It's hot all over, so we are not complaining.  We are just reporting the conditions here.  LOL

Joey's unique sleeping position
Mama will not be doing her Emeals report today.  She did fix dinner last night, but she didn't eat it and she forgot to take pictures. She was very upset with my vet (surgeon).  He called last night at dinner time and she told him how the Previcox seems to be working. She had talked to him last week and he said he would give me a generic which is $4 for a 30 day supply.  Last night, he said I should just stay on the Previcox since that is working. Why mess with what is working?  Well, the Previcox is $75.  My budget for food, bones and toys is $75 a month.  Ack!  He told Mama that she can order it from the company that he gets it from and it is cheaper than online.  It is not.  It is $20 more.  He told Mama she could go to a vet here and he would send them a prescription.  She called two vets and they both refused to do that. Mama was crying when Dad came home. Dad told her she is silly for getting so upset, but she has been so worried about me and now the medicine is going to be $71 more than she expected. Dad told her to call Scout's vet.  He has only seen me once.  Mama said doesn't know if he will prescribe anything without see me.  He is very budget conscience though and she will take me to see him when we get back home.  She didn't want to push the other vet into giving me a generic if he didn't want to because he must have his reasons, right?  It is a human drug, but she knows several greyhounds that take it. She finally placed an order online, but the vet will have to approve that before it can be mailed to us. She ordered a 60 day supply in hopes that it lasts much longer than that and we will be back home when it's time to refill it.  She hopes it all goes smoothly.  If it doesn't, she will just take me to a vet here and hope they work with us.  It would have been so much easier to have the generic ordered at Walgreens.

Mama is going to check for corns again on my foot. She has looked at it so many times, but will check it out again.  Wouldn't it be something if it is not arthritis?   I am walking on the pavement now with just a hop or two and if I see a cat in my path, I walk really well.

Scout says it is so hot that her tongue has dried out.  LOL

Yep, that tongue is definitely dried out.
 It's going to be another day of just laying under the air conditioning vent today.  It's very hot at home today, too.

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