Thursday, June 21, 2012

Day 54, The Ground Remains Soggy

I have been back on the Tramadol for almost 24 hours and so far no change in my hopping. I think that is good. It means that I just don't like the pavement.  I took Tramadol after both of my surgeries. It makes me tired, but it also makes me very stubborn according to Mama.  I don't listen as well because well, I really don't care.

Life is good!

I'm drugged and naked!
 Mama noticed my collar was around my ears and said I really looked drunk. She took it off of me and tightened it up.  I wasn't naked long.  I look pretty cute naked though.

The missing neighbors have not returned.  They are an elderly couple. We hope they are okay.  It's possible that they are sightseeing somewhere and didn't want to take their Class C with them.  We hope that is the case.

We found out this morning that someone we know from here has been kicked out because her little dog bit someone.  It doesn't surprise us.  She doesn't keep them leashed and she opens the door and lets them chase people.  They chased us the first day we were here. We have avoided her area since then.  She told Mama that they don't like being on a leash. Apparently, the dog broke the skin on a lady and she went to the hospital.  They are probably lucky that they are only being kicked out.  She told Mama that she didn't think her dog could break the skin.  Yeah, she seems pretty clueless. Our next door neighbor had told us previously that the dogs were really mean.  We are not sorry to see them go. 

It is still really soggy here.  We are going to have a real mosquito problem.

Some areas of the grass is just this wet.  Lots of standing water.

Big puddles.

The gully is full of water. The lake is beyond the gully.  There is a bridge that we cross to get across the gully.
Mama has been working on her own RV blog.  She stole a lot of material from ours, but in the future it will be different.  Yesterday, she was looking at other RV blogs and she found someone who is in Houston and not to far from us.  She was excited to read everything that they have been doing because it has been different from us.  It was nice to read some tourist tips from fellow campers.

Want to see a simple way to make a pizza? Mama learned it at a camping cooking class.   She takes pepperoni and heats them in a skillet for a few minutes just to cook them a little bit.  She removes the pepperoni.  Then, pour a little bit of olive oil in the skillet and take a flour tortilla and rub the oil on both sides of the tortilla.  Let tortilla cook for a few minutes and then turn it over.  Spread pizza sauce or spaghetti sauce over the tortilla.  Place pepperoni or whatever you want on top.  Add cheese. Cover and let cook until cheese is melted and the bottom of the pizza is a little crisp.  Mama also adds garlic power and parsley flakes to it.  It's a quick pizza that is nice for lunch or a snack.  She really likes to add mushrooms to it, but she didn't have any yesterday.

We had Sauce Topped Salmon last night for dinner. Mama is not a fish lover, but she thought it was pretty good. It was seasoned enough that it didn't taste like fish to her.  Dad liked it.  Scout and I liked it.

(2 T olive oil)
12-16 oz salmon fillets, thawed
Juice from 1 Lemon
(½ t olive oil, 1 t minced garlic, ¼ t basil, ¼ t each
salt and pepper)
½ c sour cream

 Heat oven to 200. Heat olive oil in skillet on high. Add fillets to skillet. Cut lemon; squeeze juice over fillets. Cook about 4 min on each side. Transfer to an ovenproof plate; put in warm oven. Combine ½ t olive oil, garlic, basil, salt and pepper in skillet. Stir in sour cream until heated.Drizzle over fillets when serving.

Salmon and steamed green beans

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