Monday, June 4, 2012

Day 35, Touring Space Center Houston, Part 2

There are four space shuttles that have been retired and unfortunately, Houston has not been given any of them.  It really doesn't seem fair because according to the Space Center, the first word said on the moon was "Houston" and the last word was "Houston". Houston has been the mission control center for all missions.  Houston residents are bitter over not receiving a space shuttle according to the news.  However, this weekend had some residents very happy.  A replica of the space shuttle arrived.  It arrived by water and a big celebration was held. 

The space shuttle replica.  Since it is not a real one, people will be able to board it and touch things. They would not be able to do that if it was real.  It's new home will be at the Space Center.

Space Shuttle waiting for trip to Space Center.  It was taken down the street on Sunday.  It was supposed to take it 3 hours, but it ended up taking 6 hours.  Palm trees seemed to be more of a problem than expected.
 After touring the Space Center, the folks ate a restaurant that had very good reviews.  Unfortunately, Mama must have ordered the wrong thing, because she was not impressed by it.

This is Boondoggles Pub.

Inside Boondoggles Pub

Chicken Parmesan over Spaghetti

Mama ordered the Chicken Parmesan -Lightly Breaded Chicken Breast, topped with marinara, provolone and parmesan cheese, served over spaghetti.  She considered ordering the chicken fried ribeye because she had never heard of that, but thought it might be a waste of a nice ribeye.  She said her food was good, but she didn't really like the sauce on the spaghetti.  Dad had calzone.  He said it was okay.

Traffic was terrible coming home and they took an alternate route recommended by Tom Tom.  It took them about 1.5 hours.  After they got home, Dad surprised us by taking us to Sonic. The folks had ice cream, but Scout and I shared a hamburger.  Yum!

Scout thinks she is queen of the bed.
 The folks discovered on Friday that their debit card number was not stolen at the phone store as they suspected.  Dad received another call about his prescriptions being ready, but this time Mama checked the number and found it to be a store in St. Louis.  They believe the call was for the guy who used to have Dad's phone number.  Unfortunately, Dad received a call last night from his credit card company. His corporate Visa has also been stolen. It is being used in Pennsylvania.  The folks believe both cards were probably stolen at the same restaurant or at least they hope that is the case.  Dad's corporate card has been turned off and they will send him a new one. Hopefully, the crooks messed up by using a corporate credit card and are caught.   Mama is planning on using cash as much as possible from now on.  She will need to use a debit card to get cash though.

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