Friday, June 29, 2012

Day 63, Updates Today

We just returned from a walk and we ran into that lady that was supposed to be kicked out because her dog bit the lady. Mama asked her why she was still here and she said she went to pay the rent yesterday (supposed to be her last day here) and she asked the park manager if she could stay if she kept her dogs on leashes.  The park manager said that she must keep the dogs on leashes and if they bite anyone else, she doesn't know the dogs are here.  Mama is disappointed in the park manager.  We felt she was putting herself at risk for letting them stay another week knowing they bit someone and now she is letting them stay for at least another month.  The lady said her husband is only off on Sundays and he didn't feel like moving.  LOL  I guess they don't know how lucky they are that they were not booted out of the park immediately.  The woman that was bit saw them the other day and she was not happy.  The lady with the dogs said she just yelled at her and told her "THEY ARE ON LEASHES!"  The lady told Mama she was on her way to the store for a beer.  It was 8:45 a.m. when she said that.

The elderly couple that we were concerned about because they had not returned home and then we found out that they went to Alaska returned on Wednesday.  They hooked up their car to their Class C and left. They were only in Alaska for a week. We thought they would be gone longer.

Mama received a call yesterday from Greyhound Companions of Missouri.  My medicine is on the way!  Mama is going to work on trying to get the generic.

This piece of art is located near the lake at the far end of the campground.  Mama has been trying to figure out why it was put next to the lake.  Well, about a week or so ago, a new piece was added to it.  It looks like that piece had been buried for a while.  Now it makes sense since it is put next to the lake.

The dish cloths that were made by the Blogsville Ladies Crochet Society have been unveiled. Check them out at Dip-Dip and The Bridge.

These are the ones that Mama made.

This shows that Mama can't follow directions.  She created her own stitch, we think.

This more what is should look like.
This month we are making pot holders.  There is still time to join in on the fun.

We were asked if we got treats from our begging yesterday. Yes, we did. Scout is the one who does most of the work and I just join in at the end.

It's is going to be another hot day, so I am just going to put my feet up and relax.  Have a nice day!

The Greyhound  Who Knows How To Relax

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