Saturday, June 30, 2012

I Got The Boot!

Ha ha..... This morning, Mama and Dad measured me for a Thera-paw boot.  They were really confused by the measurements, so they called the company but they are closed until Monday.  Mama started looking for any place in Houston that sells them.  She found that Greyhound Pets of America, Houston carried them. Dad called them to see if they could help us determine the size and they said we were welcome to come by and try them on.  We piled in the car and off we went.  It was an hour drive, of course.  The people were very nice and Mama explained to them my history and my limping. She said that she thought is was a corn, but she couldn't find one.  There was a man there who they said was a greyhound guru who looked at my foot and within 3 seconds, said "Yep, he has a corn."  Can you believe that?  It is really small.  Mama still didn't see it until they pointed it out to her.  She told them how the Previcox had been helping me and she thought that I had arthritis again.  They said it could be, but I definitely have a corn.  Now, I have to get rid of it.  So, for all of you who said "it sounds like a corn",  you were right.  Mama feels really stupid for not being able to see it. She poked, squeezed and rubbed my pads and didn't feel or see it and I never reacted.  I guess we will know for sure once the corn is gone if the arthritis is back.

We have been reading the websites on how to get rid of the corn.  Does anyone have any tips?

I wore my boot tonight and I was allowed to walk on the gravel and the pavement.  I walked pretty good with it.  I feel like a clown though.  I didn't hop.  I walked on my foot.

Oh, I have to tell you what happened on my walk tonight.  Dad told Mama to stop.  He said there is a snake.  She screamed really loud and jumped up in the air.  He then said, "YOU JUST STEPPED ON IT!". She screamed really loud again. There were men outside and they laughed.  It was a non-poisonous one, so it was okay, but you should have heard her screaming.

The Greyhound Who Got The Boot

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