Monday, June 11, 2012

A Year Ago Today

A year ago today Jack left us so suddenly. I have been dreading this day.  There is not a day that goes by that I do not think of him.  When people stop us to talk about our greys, it is rare for Jack not to be mentioned. I guess I don't want him to be excluded even though he is no longer with us.  I often think of how much Jack would have loved being on our HUGE adventure.   The boy loved camping.  He would get so excited when he knew we were getting ready for a trip.  I knew there would be a day that I would miss his excitement, but I always thought it would because he was just older and had mellowed.  I have a feeling that Jack would have never mellowed. Jack's collar is with us as well as the afghan with his photos.

As much as I miss Jack, I know that if it wasn't for him, Joey wouldn't be with us.  What would have happened to Joey?  Would Joey have landed in a wonderful group that took care of him the way that our group did?  I think not, but lucky for him, he will never know. Joey has the same enthusiasm  for life that Jack had.

Here are a few of my favorite photos of my boy.

Jack's pose for his blog.

Wearing his famous jammies.  He wore these proudly and pranced around campgrounds in them.

Here we are in one of our favorite trips - Abilene Kansas.  We met Jack's bio Daddy on that trip.

Jack showing his stuff at the fun run in Kansas.  I cried when I saw him run.  He loved it.

His final camping trip.  It was the week before he died.  This blanket appeared in so many of his photos.  His foster Mom sent this with him when we adopted him.  It is with us in the RV and is still being used by Joey and Scout.

I believe this is the last photo I took of Jack.  He is walking with his Dad at the campground.
Thank you to every one who encouraged me to keep the blog going.  My first thought was to let it die with Jack, but I am glad I didn't.  We wouldn't have been able to take you all along on our HUGE adventure without the blog. :-)

Mama to Jack, Scout and Joey

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