Sunday, June 10, 2012

Day 42, Houston, We Have A Problem!

Now, you knew we would have to use that line sometime, didn't you?  LOL   Friday morning, Mama, Scout and I were just sitting around when Mama said she smelled something burning.  She went into the bedroom and the smell seemed to be coming out of the air conditioning vent.  She then heard a POP POP. She immediately shut off the air conditioner and ran outside to see if there was smoke coming out of the AC unit on the roof. There was not.  She then came in and called Dad, but got his voice mail.  She just wanted to know if there was anything else she should do.  She kept checking outside to make sure there wasn't a fire because she still smelled the burning. Dad called back and told her to unplug the electric cord that the AC runs on.  He said he would probably be late coming home since the hotel was without water and he was having it brought in and things were a mess there.  So, we all settled in for a long day and hoped it wouldn't get too hot. We do have an AC in the living room, but a second one is really needed to keep it comfortable especially on 90+ degree days.  Dad ended up getting home around 6 pm which was earlier than we expected him.  He checked all the wiring to the AC and determined Mama to be nuts. He turned on the AC and Mama immediately said she smelled something burning.  Dad said he didn't. This conversation went on for about 15 minutes.  We then all went for a walk. When we came back, the RV really smelled. Dad finally agreed that something smelled.  It was then determined that the compressor was dying.  Dad started out as an AC guy, so he knows about that sort of stuff.  So, we went to bed not knowing when our AC would be fixed.  Yesterday morning, the folk set out to find a repairman.  Dad said there are guys who will come to us and that seemed to be the best option.  They went to a place that said the first appointment would be June 20th.  That was just too far away. They said we could bring the RV to them on Thursday and they could fix it. They would hook us up to electric and water, so we would be comfortable. The problem with that is that it is kind of a pain to pack up and drive there for the day.  Mama said that if that is what we needed to do, we would just have to do it.  The parts guy told Dad to ask our park manager for names of people that come to the park to do repairs, so that is what we did.  The park manager gave us the name of the guy they use, so Dad called him.  He had to leave a voice mail and Mama worried that he might not get back to us right way, but he did!  He is coming tomorrow, Monday.  Then, the folks left to buy the AC unit.  Dad had been wanting to visit this super center of RV parts and they had what we needed at a good price.  It was an hour away, but isn't everything?  Dad could install it himself, but it weighs 100 pounds.  The problem is getting it to the top of the RV.  He needs two ladders and another man to help him, so that is why we needed to hire someone.

Dad put the awning out yesterday afternoon.  It is not broke after all. He anchored it down this time.  It should help keep the RV a little cooler.  We received our electric bill yesterday and it was better than we expected.  However, it was about five days less than what Mama had been figuring. 

There is no sightseeing this weekend due to the air conditioning problem.  Mama doesn't want to leave us for too long just in case something happens to the other air conditioner.  It gets warm in here with just one, but we have a fan that is helping.  We keep the bedroom door shut during the day so that the AC can concentrate on the living room area.  Scout is not happy about that since she wants to sleep on the bed.  Hopefully, she will be able to freeze her butt off back there tomorrow afternoon.  It actually cools off nice in the evening and we shut vents off in the living room area and that forces the cool area in the bedroom. It's been fine so far.

Last night, the folks ate at Guadalajara Hacienda.  Mama was disappointed in the menu because they did not have her favorite, chimichangas.  They also did not have burritos.  That seems a little odd for a Mexican restaurant.  They had a lot of chicken and seafood dishes, but just a few beef.  Mama likes beef over chicken.  Actually, chicken is really big here in Houston.  There are chicken places all over the place.  Anyway, Mama ended up ordering  Mariachi's Plate which is a chicken fajita burrito, beef fajita enchilada and tamale. The fajitas are different than what they are used to since they do not have any peppers or cheese.  Mama really liked the beef fajita enchilada.  She also liked the green chili sauce they served with the tortilla chips.

Mariachi's Plate with a quail leg (from Dad's plate)

Dad's plate - Fajitas and Quail legs
They said it was good, but will not be going back.  We had some of the chicken from Mama's fajita and we thought it was very good.  It really wasn't seasoned, so it was fine for us to eat.  We had some last night and then a little more this morning.  Yum!  I definitely like doggy bags.

We are just going to chill today with the folks.  Mama said we may have some fried chicken for lunch.  It is either that or Chinese food.  I'm hoping for the fried chicken.

Hopefully all goes well tomorrow with the air conditioning repair.

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