Monday, August 5, 2013

Camping Along The Mighty Mississippi

We are enjoying camping along the river.  It is not as exciting as camping at Graceland RV Park, but it's nice.  Yesterday, our area was pretty full, but this morning it is just us and one other motor home.  This place has a section for motor homes and a section for fifth wheels.  Do you know why?  The sites are set up so that if you have a motor home, you pull in so that you have a view of the river.  If you have a fifth wheel, you back in because most fifth wheels have windows in the back.  We are also set on angles so that we have views from our windshield and views from our side windows.  It sounds like a logical way to do it, but most campgrounds don't think these things out.

Our site
Our view.

There are benches all along the river bank.

There is another barge.
Mama and I took a walk this morning.  We found a tree house!

A ramp to the tree house.

Wow, cool furniture!

This is a fancy tree house - a refrigerator, sink and bathroom.

Time to head back to the ground.
Our day has turned rainy, so we are now stuck inside.  We are making the most of it.
Enjoying the day together.

The Greyhound Who Prefers His Motor Home To A Tree House Although Peeing From It Could Be Fun

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