Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Loving This Small Town

We are really enjoying the area we are staying.  The town seems to have a lot of events for being as small as it is.  Saturday, they had some sort of a food event. Sundays, they have a farmers market.  We were told that the Pumpkin Fest in October is huge.  The town next to us is having a Corn Festival next weekend and the folks are thinking of going.  Dad said he wouldn't mind living here except there are snowplows all over.  Yep, the snowplows are a reminder of what is coming in a few months.

Yesterday, Mama decided to walk to town.  It is not a bad walk, but she is having trouble with her tennis shoes.  They have split open due to walking on wet grass. She sealed them up with glue and bought new liners for them. She thought the liners would be really good, but her feet were really aching when she got home.  She looked for shoes this past weekend, but couldn't find anything she liked so I am not sure what she is going to do.  She really likes New Balance shoes but these only lasted three months.  Do shoes normally come apart at the seams when you walk on wet grass or are these just not made well?  She doesn't know but it is the second pair that have fallen apart in the past year.  She is thinking of trying a different brand.

Here are some photos of our neighborhood.

This is a bed and breakfast.

This house is being renovated.

The post office.  Ivy covers the backside.

The court house.  It was built in 1905.

Another photo of the court house.
There are many small shops in town.  Mama stopped at a dollar store.  There used to be a Ben Franklin, but now it is a shop where you make jewelry.  She wishes it was still a Ben Franklin.  She also stopped at a store with homemade items.  There is a bakery and several restaurants.  She stopped at the butcher shop which is at our park entrance. They serve food there and she had a bacon cheeseburger and a slice of cheesecake.  She said the lady who works there was super nice and showed her all around the store.  The burger was delicious and she will eat there again.  There is a pizza place across from the butcher shop and she may order dinner there tonight as Dad is going to be really late tonight.

The is the burger.  It was larger than the photo indicates and Mama was stuffed after she ate it.
Mama is all excited about something she bought for us last weekend.  Scout and I don't find it exciting at all, but Mama is happy about it. She bought us the Martha Stewart Pet Waste Dispenser. The reason she likes it so much is because it holds the big sized waste bags. We buy the big bags at Dollar Tree.  The dispenser we had didn't hold them until we used several of them and then it was still a pain to put the bags in that dispenser.  She said this one is a breeze to put new bags in and the bags don't just roll out like with the other dispenser. they are made of silicon, so they are very flexible and they don't make noise when they hit our leash.  We don't get why she is so excited, but if she is happy, then we are happy.  She bought them at Petsmart.  They were on sale for $7.99.  She would have preferred to pay less, of course, but that was the sale price. They are normally $9.99.  No, we are not receiving any type of compensation for this endorsement but if  Ms. Stewart wants to contact us about any future endorsements for her products, our ears are open.  BOL!

Our new bag holders.

This was our old system.  It was hard to load and the top fell off more than once sending bags flying out.  It didn't hold our big bags which the folks prefer.

The Greyhound Who Tried To Class Up The Blog By Calling Them Waste Products Rather Than Poop Bags

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