Saturday, August 3, 2013

Visitors And A Change Of Plans

This morning Mama woke us up at 5 a.m.  She said it was pay back for us waking her up yesterday at 4:30 a.m.  Actually, last night on the news, they said it would be raining here at 6 a.m. and she was trying to beat the rain.  Did it rain?  Nope!

After breakfast, we went for a long walk.  We were just walking around the campground and I wanted to walk in the Graceland parking lot.  The next thing I knew, we were walking in the Graceland Plaza.  Mama wanted to get some photos of us next to the Elvis photos, but we didn't cooperate. Modeling is definitely not our thing.

This is the best one. BOL!

We both didn't fit in this photo.

Decent butt shot, if that is your thing.

It is not even a good shot of The King.

Scout's nose is just too long, I guess.  BOL!
As we were walking home, this guy was working with a group of other men setting up a pavilion.  He called out to Scout "Here Wolf, Here Wolf!"  We walked over to him and he started screaming like a girl.  Mama told him we were nice. Mama asked if he wanted to pet Scout and when we got near him, he ran off screaming.  His friends thought it was hilarious.

We had visitors today!  Dad's high school friend, Lee and his wife, Donna, came over. They live here in Memphis.  Lee actually introduced Mama and Dad back in high school.  We didn't know it, but they are fans of our blog.  They went to lunch at a restaurant that Uncle Lee picked out based on the folks likes from reading the restaurant blog.  Mama said he made an excellent choice.  Mama will review the restaurant next week, but here are a few pictures to make you drool.

The appetizer.  Yep, fried pickles are there.

Mama's burger.  I can attest that this burger was delicious.  A doggy bag was brought home.
Okay, so what are the change in plans?  We are leaving here tomorrow and we were supposed to stay in a state park. The  folks visited it last week and while the park itself is nice, the route getting there goes through a rough area.  Mama considers an area rough when there are bars on the windows of homes.  She has been worried because Dad will be working late next week coming home at midnight a few nights.  She was also concerned about staying in the park with just us even though she thinks the park is safe.  Uncle Lee did not relieve her fears but made them worse as he said it was not a good area to drive through.  Mama found a campground in West Memphis, AR that looked nice and the rates were good. The folks drove there tonight and liked it, but the only site available was their premium site, so it's price is higher than Mama wanted to pay.  They decided to reserve it anyway.  Mama said safety is important and she feels better about staying there.  It is really close to Dad's work and Dad said we would have probably stayed here the entire time if he had known about it.  We didn't look for parks in Arkansas.  You know what is cool about this park?  We have a front row view of the river and all the river traffic. 

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