Saturday, August 17, 2013

Near The Windy City

We were disappointed when we heard we were being sent back to the Chicago area.  We had been hoping to be sent to Kansas City.  We really did not enjoy our last stay here.  We stayed at a campground where the manager is extremely rude to the guests.  The latest reviews show he is still being his rude self. Mama called him the "Pigman" because soon after we arrived she saw him getting dressed in a pig suit for a pig roast they were having at the campground.  He drove a tractor around in his pig suit.  We really thought we might end up there again because the selection of campgrounds in the Chicago area is not very good.  There are just not a lot to choose from and some of them close on October 15th.  We needed a place to stay through most of November. We debated on staying at "Pigman's Park" and a place that would add more time to Dad's drive.  We decided to try the park that is further away since that is how much we dislike the Pigman.

We arrived here Wednesday afternoon. We are located in a small, historic town.  Mama says it reminds her of Union, MO, but it probably a little bigger and the houses are much older.  There is a town that is larger that is about three miles away and it has about anything you could want.

Our campground has two lakes. There are trails going around the lakes.  Scout and I have walked them both a few times already.  The owners are very nice. They said we can walk anywhere, but we are not allowed in the water or on the beach.  Mama went to the office/store last night hoping to buy some paper towels.  They didn't have any in the store, but went to their private stash and sold us a roll for $1.  Mama thought that was nice of them. We can receive mail here and that always makes Mama happy. She ordered us bully sticks today!

 The sites themselves are not pretty. We are basically in a gravel parking lot.  We knew that before we got here.  Dad decided to rent us a premium site because we would be closer to the grass and wouldn't have to walk on the gravel as much. We have a lake view which is nice, but we are not next the lake. There is a field of grass between us and the lake.  We are in full sun, but we figure that will be good when the weather turns colder.  We like our site.

Our site.  We do have a small tree on one side of us.  Our mat makes our place look nicer.
The walkway to the office.  It is very close to our site.
Our view.  Yes, the lakes is there.  We see it better in person than the picture shows.

A pond.

A swan in the lake.  We have several swans here.



We are definitely in farming country here.  Corn is huge here.

We are across the lake.

We really like it here so far.  Scout is even happy. She happily walked the trails yesterday. Today, she was not as excited, but Mama made her walk this morning since there weren't any bugs and it was cool out. I'm sure we will bored here after a month or so, but for now, it is a fun place to explore.

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