Sunday, August 4, 2013

One Last Trip To Graceland Plaza and A Preview Of Our New Campground

This morning I pleaded with Mama to take me to Graceland Plaza again.  How did I do that?  Well, I walked her to the gate and whined. She told me the gates were locked until 7 a.m., but promised she would take me then.  As soon as breakfast was over, I reminded her of her promise and off we went.  We left "Wussy Girl" behind.  A girl at our last campground actually named Scout that.  She saw us walking without Scout and asked me if my sister was being a wuss again.  BOL   Mama and I had a grand time walking in the plaza and meeting people.  One lady asked my name and Mama told her Joey. She said that was her dead husband's name and then showed us her tattoo with his name that is on her chest.  She offered to take a picture and me and Mama at the Graceland gates and Mama told her no because Mama hates having her picture taken, but now she wishes she would have. We had a wonderful time walking around and talking to people.  We loved hearing Elvis' music as we walked.  It is such a festive place. It is definitely not for everyone, but we enjoyed it.

Mama wishes I would cooperate more when she is taking my photo, but has decided she will embrace the bloopers that I provide her.

Hey, this one is not bad.  I am standing by the fence outside of Graceland.

Pictures by the gates didn't go as well.

The main problem is that I don't stand still.  Mama says I was on sensory overload here.  I loved it though!
"Come on Mama! I think we can sneak in and see the house."
Uncle Lee, she is stopping traffic again!  Uncle Lee is not fond of the tourists because they cause traffic problems.
"Why can't we go inside the store?"

That is it folks.  We have left Memphis. Dad says it is unlikely that we will be back since the only Marriott hotel in Memphis will be no more as of next week.  Mama is sad as she had a lot of fun just walking around meeting people.  Mama admits that maybe it was time to leave as last night she had a dream and "In The Ghetto" was playing in her dream.  It is an Elvis song that she has never really liked, but there it was in her dream.  Elvis music played at the pool at our park and also at the pool at Heartbreak Hotel. Music played in the plaza as well as the gift shops. It was fun walking around hearing the music.

We moved to our new campground this morning.  We haven't taken many photos yet, but we have a few taken from inside our motor home.

A barge passed by us.  The first of many.

We have a great view!

Dad is at work, so we are watching Elvis in concert on TV.  BOL!  

The Greyhound Who Has Left Memphis -- Thank You, Thank You Very Much!  BOL!

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