Monday, March 21, 2011

I Want To Be A Bed Tester

(Scout who is an expert bed tester.)

Yesterday, Mama and Daddy went bed shopping. We thought we should be able to test out the beds since we spend most of the day sleeping on it, but they said no. They tried out a Sleep Number. Mama thinks Scout would be a 30 and I would probably be a 55. They don't think they are going to buy one though because the salesperson said it would take at least three weeks to get it and we have a little less than that time and Mama doesn't want to take the chance of it not arriving on time and then we would all be sleeping on the floor. The sales woman may have just said that so that they would order yesterday, but it kind of backfired on her. They found a couple of beds that they like and they will make a decision next weekend and order it then.

Daddy is busy scheduling inspections today. We are going to have two to three inspections done. We hope to get them done this week so that we know for sure that we are buying the house. Our closing date is scheduled for April 8th.

The pizza man doesn't come to the new house. It's not in the boonies, but it's just far enough from town that no one will deliver. It's only 2.5 miles from a major highway but there are no pizza places around. There is a Burger King, so we will get our fill of Junior Whoppers. We are going to miss the pizza man. Mama says we will have the pizza man and the Chinese food man both come one more time before we leave.

The two Italian Greyhounds left on Saturday. There were six more dogs that came in on Saturday. We think they have all left already. The hotel always has the carpet cleaners come in after pets leave the room, so it should be a busy day for them today.

We are having very nice weather. Mama wore a t-shirt on our walk this morning - no jacket. We have our air conditioning running and it's only 8 a.m. The trees are budding out. Robins are every where. Bunnies are teasing us. It's spring time!

Have you seen the Eagle cam? It's very interesting. It shows three baby eaglets being cared for by their Mom and Dad. We've been watching it since Friday and we have Grandma hooked on it too. It's pretty neat when either the Mom or Dad brings in a fish or other food for the "kids" to eat.
Eagle Cam

The Greyhound Who Is Happy That Spring Is Here....Finally!

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