Saturday, March 26, 2011

We Have An Announcement!

After 12 days of negotiations, we have bought a house!!!! Sound the trumpets! We had an agreement on price and then we had the inspections and at that point, we thought it was all going to fall through. We didn't get everything we wanted and we are sure the homeowners didn't get everything they wanted, but in the end, I think we are all happy.

Mama is getting very excited about our new home. She already knows where she wants to hang the bird feeders and the hummingbird feeder. She has really missed feeding the birds this past winter. We hope that the raccoons leave us alone at the new house.

Daddy says the house feels right to him. It's 1,248 square feet. Our old house was 2,611 square feet, but since our hotel room is only about 600 square feet, the new house will feel big to us.

I will have a deck to lay on this summer and Scout will have a yard to run laps in. Oh, sure, I will run a little, but I prefer to run in the house. Mama says it's really not big enough to run it, but it there's a hallway, it's big enough.

The best news is that the house will be paid for in cash and we will not have a mortgage! That was our goal and that's why we sold our "dream house" in the first place.

The Greyhound Who Is Moving In Two Weeks!!!!

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