Thursday, March 3, 2011

I Found A Sunbeam

Yesterday was the first time that I have found a sunbeam since we left our house on December 23rd. Yes, I am keeping track of the days.

It only lasted about 15 minutes, but I soaked it in as much as possible. Awwww!

Not much new on the house hunting front. We went out Tuesday afternoon and drove by a house and we liked it. However, it was taken off the market after only being on for a day. We think they must have changed their minds about selling it. Daddy called the listing agent about the log home. He had permission from our agent to do so. Anyway, the listing agent says the house is under contract, but it's still showing available on all the sites. Daddy thinks the deal, if there is one, will fall through if they do an inspection. We do have another house that we may see this weekend. They are having an open house. It has everything we want, but a basement. Daddy thinks it might have a storm shelter, so that might work.

The hotel has been very crowded this week. There are at least four dogs staying here besides us. Oh, last night, we were out walking and all at once this dog came upon us and scared us half to death. No, he was not on a leash. About 30 seconds later his Mom showed up and said "sorrrrry". I guess her dog is special and doesn't need to be on a leash. They are not hotel guests. They must just live around here. Luckily, the dog didn't try to attack us. He just scared us.

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