Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Hunt Continues

(Scout having sweet dreams in 2007.)

Mama and Daddy stalk the real estate site on the computer. Mama looks at Realtor several times each day to see if any new listings have shown up. She gets emails showing new listings, but those are usually a day after she has already found the new ones. Yesterday, a new listing showed up and Mama got very excited. She said it had everything we wanted and it was in her old hometown which is not far from Grandma & Grandpa. She contacted the agent and he said he would meet Mama and Daddy there. They came home disappointed, again. Mama said the house needs about $70,000 in work. It needs a new roof, gutters, paint on the inside and out as well as new carpet. The kitchen needs to be updated. Those things are not unexpected. The worse part was the basement. It's covered in mildew and Mama said it was hard for her to breathe while in the house. The garage floor also needs to be jacked up because part of it has sunk about 3". Yes, the house needs work. It's a foreclosure. If the bank would clean up the basement and fix that, we would be interested. Mama said the upstairs really wasn't in that bad of shape. They talked to a neighbor who said that they tried to sell the house on the court house steps but no one wanted it.

They are going out today to an open house. It looks to be move-in ready from the pictures on the Internet. It's further away then they would like to be from family, but it's a nice area. It has a fenced yard, so that's a good sign.

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