Thursday, March 31, 2011

Miss Judy Is Hospitalized

Did you hear that my Judge Judy is in the hospital? According to the news, she was rushed there during a taping of her show. She had some tests done and they say she is going to be okay. I really hope so. As you know, I love my Judge Judy.

The count down is underway for our move! A week from today, we do the walk through. Our Pods have been scheduled for delivery for next Saturday, but we may move it up to Friday when we get a definite time for closing. Our couch, our toys our additional beds....they are all coming! Mama has been calling around for trash service. They will pick up the trash at our driveway. Can you imagine? At the old house, we had to put all the trash into the Jeep and drive it down the road. I helped a few times, but I did not like riding with the trash. I do not even like walking by the dumpster here.

Mama may order our cable today or tomorrow. We will have Animal Planet again! I've really missed it. The TV here is not very nice. There are certain channels like HGTV where the TV buzzes when it goes to commercial. It is so annoying. We don't have very many channels here. There's a lot of sports channels, which are very boring. We will have lots of channels in our new home.

Last night, we had Chinese food. It's probably the last time we will have it here. They have the best Won Tons and egg rolls according to Mama. We do not get any of those. They do not put the sauce on the Cashew Chicken, so Scout and I are able to eat the chicken. Yummy! We will miss our Chinese place.

Mama did the laundry for the second to the last time yesterday. No more hanging clothes all over the room to dry after next week! Mama says it cost us $10 each time she does laundry and that's just for two people. She does laundry about every 4 to 5 days. Think of the bones she could be buying for us instead of washing clothes :::sigh:::

We are doing the happy dance here. We can hardly wait until next weekend!

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