Friday, March 18, 2011

More Hotel Adventures

We have new neighbors here at the hotel. Two Italian Greyhounds from California are living in the room across from us. I guess they don't realize that they are on "our property". We met their Dad and he seems really nice. He told us to enjoy our retirement and that we are lucky to be done working. It drives us crazy when we see the Italian Greyhounds trying to claim our property as their own, so we have to immediately go out and trump them. Yep, that's what we did yesterday and this morning. We don't know how long they are staying, but they won't win.

In other news, we met another one of those special dogs. You know, a dog that doesn't have to wear a leash and doesn't have to have his poop picked up. He tried to get at us and Mama reached for her mace only to discover that it wasn't in her coat pocket. She only had a roll of poop bags. She didn't think that would do much good unless the dog would be startled by it since he's probably never seen a roll of poop bags before. The owner called him back and he started to go, but then he started coming at us again and Mama screamed "GET BACK!". The owner called him again and he got in his truck. The owner said "I apologize." We just gave him stink eyes and walked away. It was scary. Mama makes sure she has her mace with her now, just in case we have to defend ourselves. We hope Mama has good aim.

The electric company has been here trimming trees out of the electric lines. Mama pointed them out to Scout and Scout didn't care. However, as Mama was throwing a poop bag in the dumpster, one of the guys in the basket crane flew right over our heads. Scout flipped out. I mean, she totally flipped. She was trying to get away and Mama was holding her leash. She caused me to flip out and it was just a mess. Mama said "STOP", well that caused all the workers to stop and look at us. It was embarrassing. We made it back to our room unharmed, but we were still scared. Scout says that men shouldn't fly in a basket. It's just not normal. They were here yesterday, too, but we avoided them.

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