Monday, April 7, 2014

A New Car?

The folks left Saturday morning in the Jeep, but came home in this:

It definitely is not hound friendly.  Its' seats are black and our hair will definitely show up.  It also only has a backseat and not an area for us to stretch out.  Scout and I demanded our Jeep back.  Mama said not to worry that this is just a rental while the Jeep has some much needed repairs performed.  The Jeep will be back as soon as Dad has time to take off work to pick it up.  We will keep the rental for the week and that will allow Mama time to get some things done. The car has Texas plates on it.  Isn't that funny?

Scout and I go hiking in the woods almost every day.  I think we only missed on day and that was due to rain.  It was pretty muddy one day, but we didn't care.

This is part of a hill that we have to climb to get to our trail.

Here I am pulling Mama and Scout up the hill. 
Last week, they put a new well in the campground.  Boy, was that loud and it took them two days.  We were glad when they finished it.

Most of the campers here keep to themselves.  It is not nearly as friendly as the place in Arlington that we just left.  If we walked around 5 p.m. in Arlington, we would get stopped several times with people wanting to talk to us.  The workers here are nice, but they don't carry treats.  The manager did visit us while we were in the dog park and asked us if we wanted a hamburger in the large dog area.  Remember the hamburger?  (see below)  Mama told him that we prefer an area to run.  He said that makes sense to him, so no hamburger in the other fenced dog area.  :-)  Wow, someone listened to us!

The Greyhound Who Thinks A Hamburger Would Be Good For Lunch Today

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