Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Travel Days Can Be Interesting

Our trip back to the Midwest had a few memorable events. Our first stop was somewhere in Oklahoma.  We filled up our propane tank and our gas tank.  There was a five gallon bucket of windshield cleaner by our door. Scout somehow got her leash wrapped around the "mop" that was in the bucket and turned the entire bucket over.  Mama said we showed everyone why she calls us the "redneck kids".  BOL!  Scout was really scared after she did that.  We stopped for lunch in Oklahoma at a truck stop.  We were parked in our spot when a tractor trailer decided to drive past us.  We thought for sure he was going to hit us.  We all held our breath as he inched by us. We are not sure how he didn't take off our mirror and leave a scratch along our side.  We decided to leave there and found a better place for lunch.  BOL!

I think this was my first trip to Kansas.

We spent the night in Wichita, KS.  The RV park was right off the toll road.  We paid our toll to get off and Mama said "There is our turn?"  Dad said "Are you sure?"  It was so easy that we almost missed it.  The park didn't have a single tree.  They charge $54 a night which is outrageous. We used our Good Sam's discount and it was $48 after taxes.  The reason we stayed there was because it was so close to the interstate. The sites were so small that people sitting out in their front yard were on top our utilities. Dad didn't hook up our sewer hose because he would have had to put it on top of our neighbors' feet who were sitting outside.  The only good thing was that there were several restaurants within walking distance. Mama normally cooks on travel days because we don't unhook the Jeep.  The folks walked across the street to Braum's which is a place Mama has been wanting to try.  They are known for their ice cream. She said it was good.

Braum's Bacon Cheeseburger

Turtle Sundae - single scoop
After the folks got home from dinner, Mama noticed burrs all over my bed.  That's right, I collected burrs on our walk.  Mama didn't notice them before she left.  She was quite upset.  It seems the dog walking area was not as friendly as it first appeared.  We figured that Mama found no less than 50 burrs throughout the motor home and just yesterday she found one on a dish cloth in the drawer.  We don't know how that one got there.  It is not fun stepping on burrs.  Mama can testify to that.  We couldn't wait to get out of that campground.  Sorry, we planned to take photos, but the burr thing changed that.  The folks said yes ago that they traveled through Kansas with their dog, Sami, and she picked up some really large burrs. They said those were worst than mine.  :::shrugs shoulders:::

Our trip into Missouri was windy.  We have been through worse.  We are staying at the same place that we stayed last fall.  Scout is so happy to be here even though there are not treat trucks.   She immediately recognized the place and she wanted to walk her favorite trails.  Mama told her to slow down because we have a month.

One of our favorite trails.

Yep, the sniffing is good here.
The Greyhound Who Is Not Fond Of Burrs

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