Friday, April 11, 2014

Mama says....

....that I have A.D.D. because I can't stay focused for longer than three seconds. (Dad says the same thing.)  I say she is wrong because if I see a squirrel, a cat or if I am chewing on a bully stick, I am focused. She says my blog yesterday showed that I can't stay focused.  BOL!   I think that Mama has her own problem.  I will explain.  The dog park here has seven chairs. Well, there were eight, but we think someone took one.  Anyway, there are two red, two green, two yellow and now just one blue.  It has bothered Mama since last year that they didn't have one of each color in each fenced area.  She said it just didn't look right.  She even thought about it while we were away.  BOL!  Well, she fixed it this week. 

If she could find the missing blue chair, it would be perfect.  BOL!

I think that the rest of this post will be somewhat like the one yesterday.  It is just that I have several updates and they are not big enough for an entire post being dedicated to each one.

The folks picked up the Jeep yesterday and they drove it around until the AC quit working and they took it back.  Luckily, it was blowing warm air when the mechanic looked at it.  He said it is the compressor.  Dad isn't convinced that is the problem, but the mechanic says it is. We hope he is correct. Dad thinks it is just a switch.  I guess we will see tomorrow. We knew it would be hard to figure out because it works and then it stops and then it works. 

Kansas City has been in the news this week.  Did you hear about the chimps getting loose from the Kansas City Zoo yesterday?  Yep, they did. They got them back by offering them food including chocolate malted balls.  We also have the highway shootings here.  We hope that person is caught before someone gets killed.

In January, Mama purchased the Rival Foldaway Skillet.  Here is the blog post about that.  Unfortunately, it is not holding up well and will probably be replaced soon.  Mama is so disappointed.  She thought this one would last, but things are now sticking in the circle area where the heat comes through.  It hasn't even lasted four months. Can anyone recommend a good electric skillet?  We use ours around 12 times a week.  Maybe it is just not possible for one to last when it is used that much. 

We received a few comments about the hamburger in the dog park.  The manager said he was given two of them, so they were free.  We do enjoy running around it, but are happy that we have a larger park without one.

I wish this thing was real. Yum!

Joey, what are you doing in there?

I still fit!

It smells good!
The trees are starting to look pretty.  We may get 2" of rain on Sunday, so I bet that will help the leaves come out.

We saw a humane trap set out for the raccoon this morning. We haven't seen him since Monday.

This was another exhausting post to write.  BOL!

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