Monday, April 28, 2014

Truman Family Farm

Saturday, the folks decided to visit the Truman Family Farm. This is where Harry S. Truman grew up. Unfortunately, the house is no longer open for tours.  The folks were the only ones there.  Mama knew it was a self-guided tour, but she thought a ranger might be there or maybe some other tourists.

Truman's Boyhood Home

A groundhog now calls the farm his home.

Chicken coop is one of the out buildings

Back view of the house.
The farm started out as 600 acres.  All but ten acres of the farm have been sold.  The National Park Service now owns the property.

Sunday, the folks planned to stay home with us since bad storms were predicted.  Mama thought they might go out to lunch, but the storms came sooner than she expected.  She was busy frying hamburgers when the first round of storms hit.  It was wild.  Hail was hitting our roof and the wind was howling.  Our smoke detectors went off.  Why did they go off?  Dad said it was because Mama was cooking.  BOL!  She doesn't think that joke is funny.  She had the vents open in the RV, but when the rain started, she shut them and she forgot to turn the exhaust fan on.  After the storm ended, Mama went outside to check for damage. She saw what she thought was a floor mat in the street.  It was one of our tire protectors!  The wind blew it right off of our RV.  Mama is glad she saw it before it blew away.  It was custom made for our RV, so it would have been a pain to get it replaced.

The campground had a little bit of tree damage.

What were we doing during the storm?  Well, Scout saw that Mama was distracted, so she took a big bite out of the raw hamburger that was on the counter.  BOL!  Other than that, we did this:

We had a second round in the evening that were supposed to be worse than the first, so Mama was nervous.  It got bad in some areas around us, but we just had heavy rain.  We were lucky.  We know that others did not fair as well yesterday.  :-(

Dad and Scout taking a walk after the storm.
The Greyhound Who Was Shocked To See His Sister Steal Hamburger From The Counter

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