Thursday, April 17, 2014

Pushing and Pulling

The place we are staying is full of hills.  We hike nearly every day through the woods.  This week we have been hiking for about an hour after breakfast.   I always take the lead and help pull Mama up the hills. Scout is usually in the back doing the pushing.  BOL!  Sometimes, I have to pull Mama and Scout.  It is not easy, but it how I keep my butt muscles in such great shape.  Yesterday, we went a different way and we decided the best way to get Mama up the hill was for both of us to pull.  BOL!

This was a tough hill, but we made it with both of us pulling.
 It is really getting pretty here.

The Greyhound Who Slept For Eight Hours After His Hike Yesterday

End of March - More Condo Updates

 March has been very nice here weatherwise.  We have had many beautiful days!  We survived spring break.  It wasn't crazy with college...