Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Two Years Ago Today!

It was two years ago today that left our stick home behind and hit the road.  We were so excited to start our HUGE Adventure.  Here is our first post from the road - Our HUGE Adventure Has Begun!  When we started out, we planned on being on the road for six months and coming home for the winter.  It turned out we were on the road for five months and we had to go home because Dad was sent to Jamaica.  We were so disappointed, but then we found out that after Jamaica, Dad was being sent to Houston for three months. Since he was being sent someplace we could stay the winter, we decided to put our plan in high gear for selling the house and becoming full-time RVers.  Mama had about a month to get rid of almost everything we owned and get our house ready to sell.  It was crazy, but we got it all done.  We were back on the road by the end of November and received a contract on our house just a few weeks later.  In February, we traded in our motor home for one that was better equipped for the full-timer lifestyle.  That in a nutshell is how we became full-timers.

Here I am waiting for our Huge Adventure to begin. That's are old house in the background.
Scout is happy to be on the road.

Our first night on the road. We were in Alabama.

Our current home.
In the past two years, we have been in 22 states.  (Mama needs to update our map.)  Lately, we have been visiting the same places.  We hope that changes because we want to see new places.

Memorial Weekend 2013 - Us In Dallas

June 2012 - The Woodlands, TX

We are going to celebrate our two years on the road by going on a three week vacation!  Yep, starting this Saturday, Dad is going to be off work for 23 days!  We will be staying in four different campgrounds Our first stop will be to the Herbert Hoover's Presidential Library. The folks want to visit all the Presidential Libraries.  Our vacation will then focus on RVing.  The folks will tour RV assembly plants and surplus stores.  Theys are then headed to RV Boot Camp where they will learn "everything" about RVs.  It is 2.5 days of classes.  Mama says the days will be long.  I guess that is why they call it a boot camp.  After the boot camp, the RV rally begins.  Mama is excited about that because there are all sorts of classes that she can take.  There are eight pages of classes.  Some of the classes are RV related but others are craft, computer, etc.  There will be vendors selling their goods.  It is will be crazy with people, according to Mama.  After all the RV stuff, we will head home to visit family and doctors.  Scout and I have to see our vet to get our shots.  BLAH!  I am not looking forward to that, but it is necessary.   After all our visiting, we will head back to this area for another month.  If all goes well when we come back here, we are going to camp in a county park.  It will be a different way of camping for us because we will not have full hook-ups.  We will go into more details about that later, but Mama thinks she is ready to attempt it.  It should make for some funny blog posts.

We have enjoyed our first two years on the road.  We have learned a lot, but there is always more to learn.  We have made some friends along the way and hope to make more!  Cheers!

Celebrating 2 Years On The Road
The Greyhound Who Is A Retired Racer And A Full-Time RVer

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