Thursday, May 1, 2014

Playing Second Fiddle

I am usually the center of attention, but Scout is sick today. I am her side kick today instead of the leader. She got Mama up every two hours last night.  I went out with her all but one time.  She hasn't been out for the past four hours, so we hope she is feeling better.  I know she is tired because going out that much tires anyone one out.

Yesterday, we talked to a family that used to have a greyhound.  We had met everyone but the Dad before.  When he saw us, he was really excited to meet us.  He told us to wait and he would get his wife.  Do you know what I did?  I said "A- ROOOOOO!"   It is not something I normally do, but I knew they were greyhound people and I really liked him.  He said I was a HOOT.  BOL!   He said he has never met a greyhound like me.  Yeah, I get that all the time.  I tend to get very excited and I have a lot of energy.


Exciting News


We are going to the Heart Of America Greyhound Gathering in Abilene, KS at the end of June.  Scout and Jack went to a greyhound event in Abilene several years ago.  Scout said it was a lot of fun. There are a lot of events to attend.  We are going to camp right at the event this time.   They will be closing registration soon because it is almost filled up, so if you are interested, sign up NOW.  We would love to meet you.

Cooking With Mama

This week the folks really liked a meal that was on our Emeal plan.  It was breaded chicken tenders over biscuits that were smothered with sausage gravy.  Mama said it was so good.

The Greyhound Who Hopes His Sister Is Feeling Better Soon So He Is No Longer Second Fiddle

Beach Life Is The Best

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