Saturday, May 3, 2014

Has Someone Turned Back Time?

Our campground has been invaded by the Midwest Gampers!  It looks like someone has turned back time.  This is a fun group!  They really know how to decorate their sites.  We look so boring compared to them.  They are very friendly too.  Scout and I have gotten a lot of attention.

Love the chairs!

This is a new camper that looks old.  We talked to the lady who owns it for quite a while this morning.


Scout is feeling much better.  She was sick for about 12 hours, but seems fine now.  We took a walk through the woods and saw a turkey.

Do you see him?  He is the black thing in the at the end of the path.

We are hitting the road and starting our three week vacation.  We probably will not be around as much as Mama says we are going to be really busy.  We will take lots of photos and will post when we can.

The Greyhound Who Is Going On A Long Vacation!

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