Saturday, May 17, 2014

Boot Camp Graduates!

This past week has been very busy as we expected. We have not had time to update our blog.  We are pretty tired tonight, so this will be a short update just to let you know we are alive.  We will go into more detail about our time here later.

See, they received a pin that said they graduated.
There were approximately 1,062 people here and over 500 rigs.  There were several ladies who were solo.

Dad stood on the roof of the RV and took a photo, but this is only our section.
We had heavy rains and that caused problems.  One person that we know of had to be towed out and everyone else in that section was told to stay put until Saturday or Sunday.

This photo shows the ruts.  It was on the big screen in the hospitality room.  Mama had it edited in Picasa, but she can't get it to show up here and she said she was tired of messing with it.

Scout and I participated in the pet parade on Friday.  The paparazzi was all around me snapping photos. BOL!  Mama's photos are not that good, but part of me ended up on the "big screen".

This is our friend, Willie Nelson.  He is a Great Dane, if you can't tell.  He is HUGE!
He wore a sign that said "Eat More Chicken".
Here I am on the Big Screen.
Henry, a sheep dog, also became our friend, but we didn't get any photos of him.  He was as big as us!

There were two other greyhounds here that we saw once.  Mama said I made a fool of myself when I saw them.  She said I was also a nut at the parade because I was so excited.  Mama told everyone that I am not a "normal" greyhound. 

Tomorrow, we get weighed!  Yep, our rig and car get weighed and we have to stay inside to see if we are overweight.  They will weigh each tire to see if we have too much weight on any of them.  We may have to shift things around.  It is dangerous to not have the weight properly distributed.

Mama wants to tell you about her classes and the fun things she did, but she said she needs to wait until after she has had some rest.

We had a wonderful time here and hope to do another event soon!!!!

The Greyhound Who Is Getting Weighed Tomorrow

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