Thursday, May 29, 2014

Our Visit Home

We forgot to tell you what happened before we left the rally.  We had to call another RV repairman.  We were turning the RV around so that we could get out the next day.  The brakes, I think, wouldn't hold air.  We can't drive in that condition. Dad called Good Sam's.  The repairman required $200 up front since it was a weekend.  He didn't have the part to fix it.  He was able to do a temporary fix though and we were able to get home.

On Sunday, we had our rig weighed.  We are not overweight, but we can't add much.  They weigh each wheel to see if one tire has more weight than the other.  We do, but there isn't much we can do about it.  It is how it is built.  They put the washer, propane tank, and air conditioner all on the same side.

We were "home" for a week.  The folks were on the go almost the entire time.  They filled up the Jeep three times and that added up to $155.  Crazy, right?

The folks had their yearly check ups.  We visited the vet.  Dad went trout fishing.  Mama went shopping.  Dad went to a company picnic and Mama went shopping.  BOL!  Mama didn't buy anything big. She bought supplies for a cross-stitch project.  The folks visited Grandma and Grandpa several times. They also visited Grandpa and Grandma E.

Saturday, was the folks anniversary and Grandpa E gave them an anniversary card.

 This was printed on the inside!

Yep, Grandpa E. printed our picture!  BOL!

Mama wasn't happy with our campground. We have stayed there before, but this time we couldn't get satellite.  The regular antenna didn't work either. They ended up buying a new antenna that worked sometimes. They were able to watch the finale of Suvivor, so that was good.  The campground doesn't have free Wi-Fi or cable.  It was really crowded . We hadn't seen that many kids in one place EVER.  It was crazy!  We took photos, but they have disappeared. POOF!

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