Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Vacation Interrupted

We left our nice little campground in North Liberty, IA Monday afternoon and drove 30 miles and stayed here.

Nice view, don't you think?   Let's take a closer look at where we stayed.

Yep, that's us on the end.  What are we doing here?  Well, grab a cup of coffee or a snack and I will tell you the story.  BOL!

We were all ready to leave Iowa on Monday morning.  We went for our last walk as Dad got everything ready. We loaded into the RV and waited to "ride the slide" as we call it.  Ride the slide is when Dad brings the slides in and we lay on the couch and ride it.  BOL!  He brought in the bedroom slide and then brought in the kitchen slide and silence.  The slide quit working.  YIKES!  That has never happened before.  He checked out fuses, etc.  Mama got out the manual and checked online for a solution.  Dad determined it was the motor of the slide.  The slides can manually be brought in, but the kitchen slide has to be pushed in. The manual said to call a tow truck and have them push it in with their vehicle.  Dad said no to that and he said that he didn't think anyone would do that even if he wanted to do it, which he did not. The other slide had to be manually cranked in.  Dad asked the park manager if she knew a mobile tech that could come out and she said there was one in the area.  He called him and was told Thursday was the earliest he could come. Thursday?  We would miss boot camp provided he could even help us.  Dad then called Good Sam's.   It took about a half hour, but they found someone who could come out.  The man arrived about an hour later.  He also determined it was the motor.  He told us that we were lucky because the factory that makes the motor we need was just 30 miles down the road.  He said he works there part-time and he could get us in. He called and sure enough he got us an appointment for 7 a.m. on Tuesday.  The next step was to get the slides in.  Mama and Dad had tried to push in the one slide and didn't make much progress, but luckily, it was almost in.  The repairman and Dad manually cranked in the other slide.  That took at least 30 minutes.  It was a lot of work.  Finally, it was in and we put things away to leave. (Dad had set us up again because we thought we would be stuck there for a while.)  Mama followed us in the car and kept an eye on the slides to make sure they didn't open while we drove.  She said the one that was out a little did seem to open when we took the first turn out of the campground, but it stayed in place for the rest of the drive. We arrived at the factory and plugged in so that we would have electric. Unfortunately, Dad forgot to fill our tank with water, so we didn't have water for showers or washing dishes.  We had bottled water for drinking.

I saw a mouse while we were walking.  Yep, Mama thinks she might have stepped on part of it.  She felt something squishy and then this mouse took off across the parking lot.  BOL! 

Tuesday morning, Mama and us pups said in the customer lounge while Dad watched them work on our RV.  We all think that he had more fun than us.  We had a heck of a time getting into the lounge.  There were steps and the door opened out which meant we had to back down the steps to get in the door.  Scout refused to go up the steps, so I had to back down and Mama had to push her up.  It was quite the event.  We had to go out a few times and Scout did the steps like a pro after the first time.

Finally, our RV was fixed.  Dad had a few other things he wanted them to fix, but the major one they couldn't because it is not a part they make, so that will have to be fixed at another time.  We set out for Indiana at 10 a.m. 

See, we made it!

Carriages are every where.

The signs are quite graphic.  BOL!

Our new campground
We have a few days before boot camp begins, so the folks have a lot of things to do.  We are disappointed that we lost a vacation day, but it could have been a lot worse.   

Friday morning, we move to the place where the rally is being held.  That is when we think it will be crazy!  BOL!

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