Wednesday, May 28, 2014

St. Louis Cardinals Hall of Fame

Mama has been a St. Louis Cardinals fan since the time she was a little girl.  She remembers her Dad telling her that they acquired Ozzie Smith and he was supposed to be good.  BOL!  Yes, it turned out he was really good.  She also remembers him telling her that they sent Kenny Reitz to "running school".  She doesn't know if that was true, but she thought it was funny.  Mama's favorite time being a Cardinal fan was in the 80's.  She remembers driving down 44 hearing Jack Buck on KMOX saying "GO CRAZY FOLKS, GO CRAZY!"   So, why am I telling you all of this?  Well, the Cardinals Hall of Fame opened this year, so Mama wanted to see it while we were home.

Approaching Ball Park Village which is where the Hall of Fame is located.

Busch Stadium - Mama still prefers the look of the old Busch.

Busch Stadium as seen from Cardinal Nation - a restaurant.
The folks arrived just as a bus full of senior citizens arrived.  It took quite a while to enter the museum because of that.  Mama said they were all trying to take photos with their cell phones and didn't know how and it was just a mess.  She said no flash photography was allowed, but one lady said "Well, I don't know how to turn it off, so too bad."   They then blocked displays not because they were looking, but because they were just talking to each other and not about the Cardinals.

This photo is one of the first things you see.  See the dogs at the bottom?
They looked like greyhounds to the folks.  It is easier to tell in person according to Mama.

The jersey belonged to David Freese. Half of it was torn off during the celebration.

Home base that Mark McGwire crossed when he hit his 70th home run in 1998.

Those were the days!

Model of the old Busch Stadium

View of part of the museum.

Jerseys of former managers: Herzog and Torre.

This was a very sad time in Cardinal history. Jack Buck died and 4 days later, Darryl Kile, pitcher, died in Chicago of a heart attack.
 The following are some of the 2014 inductees into the Hall of Fame.

After touring the museum, the folks ate lunch at the Budweiser Brew House.  Mama said it was definitely more for the younger crowd.  It is loud and many of the seats are bench seats.  She needs a back to her seats because of her back. They were given a booth, so it was fine for her.

Dad's burger had brisket on it.

Mama's burger.
The folks said the burgers were good, but the fries were terrible. They were hard.  Not a crunchy hard, but just hard.

Inside Fox Sports Midwest Live

The folks enjoyed themselves at the museum. It is nicely done.  They went during the day when there was not a Cardinal game being held so it was not very crowded except for that busload of people.  BOL!

The Greyhound Who Is A Cardinals' Fan Too!

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