Saturday, May 24, 2014

3 Week Vacation Coming To An End

It is amazing how fast time flies when you are on vacation.  Our vacation time is coming to an end though.  The first week, we traveled to Iowa and then we broke down.  We then drove to Indiana for the 54th Escapade (RV rally), which we loved.  We planned on doing a post talking about all the seminars, but we are not sure anyone is really interested hearing about it.(If you are interested, leave a comment telling us so.)  We broke down there last Saturday.  We have a temporary fix that we may get fixed in Kansas City. 
These horses are being exercised by being tied to a truck and running behind it.

Scout was concerned about how the horses are being walked and hopes that Mama never does that to her.

It really bothered her.

Scout really liked watching the horses. This was at the fairgrounds where the RV rally was held.
 We were weighed on our way out of the rally.  We were within our limits, but not by much.  The problem really lies with how our rig was made.  The manufacturers put a lot of heavy items on one side.  There is really nothing we can do about it because we can't move the ac units, water heater, washer/dryer, etc. 
The Escapees truck at the exit of the event.
 We then drove "home" for doctor visits, vet visits and visiting family.  Mama said this part was not really vacation because it was stuff we needed to get done.  The campground we are staying at does not have cable or free Wi-Fi.  We had satellite for a few days, but now we are blocked by RVs.  We upgraded our TV antenna and we are able to get a few channels.  The campground is now completely full and it is crazy with kids running around.  I guess the quiet hours have been thrown out the window since it is the holiday weekend.  We heard people outside our RV at 11:30 p.m.  Do you remember Cousin Eddie from the Vacation movies?  There is a guy who looks and acts like him here.  Yep, it is interesting and somewhat entertaining here.

Today is the folks 28th wedding anniversary. They are old!  They ate at Rich and Charlie's the other night to celebrate.  It is an Italian place that Mama loves. 

Personally, I will be glad when we are back to our normal routine.  The folks haven't been around much and I miss my "Mama time" and she misses us, too.  I just wish Dad didn't have a J.O.B. (They spell it out at the Escapade event because it is a bad word.) so that he was around more.  We don't want him to loose his J.O.B., but if he was retired like us, that would be good.

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