Friday, May 9, 2014

So Much To Do Here

The folks left early on Thursday to shop at some RV surplus stores.  Mama was hoping to find an oven rack.  She did find one, but it doesn't fit.  She is bummed.  It was only $5, so not a terrible waste of money.  Dad said he may be able to get it to work.

They also visited the MENNO-HOF, Amish & Mennonite Story.  Mama has read a lot of books about the Amish, so she knew some things, but wanted to learn more.  It was quite interesting.  She has been amazed by the number of buggies she has seen.  It is almost non-stop along our street.  She finds their lifestyle interesting.  She is amazed to see the older women ride their bikes to town because she sees them miles from town and they ride at a good pace.

The folks then visited a meat and cheese store where they purchased bacon, cheese, pork chops, hamburger, popcorn and beef jerky.  The bacon is supposed to be the best in the world. She baked it tonight and determined it was good, but not the best in the world.   They also stopped at a donut shop that Dad wanted to try and I think they found the best donuts in the world.  BOL!  Yes, this trip seems to involve even more eating than normal.

Well, that about wraps things up for now.  The folks will be in boot camp until Sunday night, so we probably will not be blogging for a few days.

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