Thursday, May 8, 2014

Sightseeing In Indiana

We are enjoying our time here in Indiana.  Our campground has some nice views.  We have horses to watch. 

 Yesterday, the folks visited the RV Museum.  They said it was nice, but since they visited the one in Amarillo, TX, they were not overly impressed.

Oldest travel trailer in the world!

Narrow entrance.

View from 2nd floor.
They then toured the Newmar factory.  Newmar makes motor homes.  Remember when we were buying our "new" motor home?  We were buying a Newmar, but it was involved in an accident during the test drive.  BOL!   The tour was different than Mama expected.  It was very up close and personal.   The folks were able to really examine each part of the assembly.  There was a couple on the tour whose motor home is being built and they were allowed to take pictures of it.  They are following the progress of it and I guess they are taking tours each day to watch it being built. It will take a week to complete it.  No one else was allowed to take any photos.

The folks met a really nice couple on the tour.  They discovered after they got home that the couple is staying a few sites away from us.  

The folks ate at an Amish place for dinner. It is the Blue Gate Restaurant.

Liver and Onions

Fried chicken
The fried chicken was good.  I had some!  Mama bought a bottle of their peanut butter spread because it was so good.  Scout and I had a taste of it tonight.  Yes, it is good!

The Greyhound Who Is Enjoying His Vacation In Indiana

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