Tuesday, May 20, 2014

One Of Us Is Perfect

Scout and I visited the vet yesterday for our annual check-up and to get our rabies vaccine.  Mama has been concerned because she thought Scout was dropping weight.  Scout stepped on the scale and she was about the same as last year.  Mama didn't believe it and she made Scout step on the scale three times.  BOL!  Scout was so embarrassed. 

We got bored waiting for the vet, so we stretched out on the floor and blocked both doors so that the vet couldn't come in.  BOL!   The vet technician thought we were adorable, of course. 

The vet checked Scout over first and do you know what he said?  He said she was PERFECT!  I live with the girl and she is not perfect.  The vet said that her eyes, her teeth and her weight were PERFECT.  She has never had a dental. Her teeth are not pearly white, of course, but they are in fine shape. The vet said he has never seen a greyhound with teeth like hers.  I guess Scout will stop saying she is "big-boned" now since he said her weight is fine.  He said she has muscles in her butt (not as good as mine) and that she is not fat.  I swear, that is what he said.

"Miss Perfect"?  I think not.  BOL!

I had my exam next.  Mama and I were both nervous because I have been called "Beefy" and a few other things.  It is amazing how people just say things like that without being asked for their opinion.  The vet said that my weight was fine, but I shouldn't gain anymore.  I actually weigh less than Miss Perfect, but she is longer and taller than me.  The next thing we were worried about were my teeth.  I used to have good teeth and the next thing we knew, they weren't.  We have been working on them, but Mama was concerned.  Well, our vet loves to mess with teeth.  He got out this tool and boy did it make a terrible sound.  It sounded like it was cracking my teeth in half.  Mama held my head while he did it.  It was scary.  I only cried twice when he got too close to my gums.  Do you know what though?  He got almost all of that stuff off of my teeth.  Mama was so happy.  She said she will work really hard to keep my teeth in good shape.  It means I have to brush my teeth every day.  I have been using Petzlife which is a gel.  We think that may have helped the vet do the job he did.

I may not be "Perfect", but I am cute.  BOL!
We were both glad when our vet visit was over.  Mama said we were both really good, especially me because my visit was more traumatic than the perfect one.

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