Tuesday, April 15, 2014

We Got Chicken Livers!

 Our weekend was pretty good.  We got chicken livers!  I will tell you more about it later and show you some "food porn" as Gyeong calls it.  BOL!

On Saturday, the folks picked up the Jeep.  Dad said it was on vacation.  It had some gaskets replaced and it appears that the air conditioning is fixed.  We are all happy about that.  Scout and I were very happy to see the Jeep again.  The folks stopped at a Freddy's for lunch.  Mama has been wanting to try it.  It is a lot like Steak N Shake, but they serve custard.  They have fry sauce which appears to be very popular.  Mama said she liked the burger better than Steak N Shake.

Double Steak Burger With Cheese and Fries

Onion Rings
The folks planned on having Jack Stack BBQ for dinner, but when they arrived at 5 p.m. there were no parking spots and the line of people was around the building.  They decided to try Carrabba's Italian Grill.  It is a chain restaurant that they have been wanting to try.  Mama had a hard time deciding what she wanted.  The menu was not as good as she was expecting. 

Appetizer: Calamari, Roasted Tomato Bruschette and Mozzarella Marinara

Dinner Salad with Creamy Parmesan dressing

Veal Marsala with Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Shrimp Pasta
The folks said their food was good.  Dad said his was pretty plain though.

Sunday was a rainy day.  The folks wanted to make a return visit to Stroud's.  They ate there the last time we were here.  They have the best chicken according to Dad.  This place is very popular, so Mama wanted to get there when they opened. They arrived 15 minutes early and people were already lining up. 
Stroud's - The building was built in the 1800's
The folks were seated in the dining room on this visit.  Mama loved the view.  It would have been prettier without the rain though.

Dad ordered a half order of chicken livers for an appetizer.  He told Mama he ordered them for us.  Yep, we got the leftovers.

Chicken Livers!
Mama's salad. She said it was really good.

Mama ordered chicken. The sides include: mashed potatoes and gravy and green beans.  Dad had fries.

Cinnamon rolls are also included in the meal.
The folks ended up bringing home two bags of leftovers. The food is so good there!

Oh, if you are wondering, the hot water is fixed.  It wasn't really broke.  BOL!  The problem was the outdoor shower was turned on.  The shower itself was turned off, so no water was coming out but the faucet was turned on.  The funny thing is that Mama checked it because the hose was leaking. She tightened it. She was scared to turn the faucet too much because it is cheap.  She even told Dad she did that and he agreed it was cheap.  He turned it off before they left on Saturday, but he didn't realize that was the problem until he started thinking about it.  He got up from the sofa and tried the hot water and it worked.  BOL!  They took cool showers for a week!!!  BOL!

The Greyhound Who Is A Fan Of Chicken Livers

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