Friday, April 18, 2014

Spring brings....

....grass!  Mama says we are like cows. She doesn't like us to eat it because well, you know what dogs do when they eat grass.  Yesterday, we took turns getting her attention so that the other one could eat it.  Mama was busy talking to another lady at the dog park and the lady told her that we were eating grass. Darn lady!  She is from New Mexico and she said her dogs are used to just dirt and rocks. They haven't discovered grass yet.  They will love it when they do.  BOL!

The park is filling up with weekend guests.  We like the weekenders. They are normally very friendly and fun.  There are a lot of cabins here that people rent as well as rooms that are called "suites".  I think they are like motel rooms. There are also a few houses that they rent.  It is usually busy here on weekends.

A house that sits on the lake and is available for families to rent.
Another pretty bush here.

What's Cooking In Mama's Kitchen

The folks have had another good week of meals thanks to Emeals.  The meal last night was Italian Beef Florentine and Fire Roasted Tomato-Cheese Tortellini.  Mama found it a little challenging only because of the limited space in the kitchen.  She took ground beef and formed it into patties. She then dredged it in flour, then dipped it into egg and then dredged it in panko breadcrumbs.  She then fried it.  After it was fried, she placed it in the oven to keep warm because she needed the skillet for the tortellini.  (She wished she had a rack to put it on because Rachael Ray said that keeps breaded items crisp. It is on her wish list.) She only has the electric skillet which she is going to throw it out very soon since everything is sticking to it and replace it with a regular skillet. She is tired of wasting her money on electric skillets.  Anyway, she put the tortellini in the skillet with oil and then added chicken broth, diced fire-roasted tomatoes and roasted garlic tomato sauce.  Meanwhile, she heated garlic Alfredo sauce and spinach together.  The sauce went over the burgers.  It was quite a production, but it was worth it.  The folks both really liked it. 

Tonight's meal is Grilled Teriyaki Chicken, Fried Rice and Stir-Fried Vegetables.  Mama just looked at the recipe.  It will be another juggling act with just an electric skillet, but she can do it. 

The Greyhound Who Loves To Graze On Grass

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