Thursday, August 21, 2014

A Day On An Island

Last Sunday, the folks took a ferry ride to Bainbridge Island.  When they arrived at the ferry, there was a sign that said vehicles were subject to inspection.  She said "Oh, no!"  It is not that they have anything illegal, but they have a ton of stuff and also trash in the car.  She was embarrassed when they were searched at Fort Leavenworth.  You think they would learn.  Luckily, they were not searched.

The following are pictures from the ferry:

The ride took about 40 minutes.  The folks took the Jeep with them, but they could have just walked on without it.  They wanted to have a car to explore the island. 

They made their way to a restaurant for lunch.

They decided to sit outside since it was only in the 70's.  The views were great!

Huge umbrella on the patio.
The food was supposed to be some of the best on the island.  Mama wasn't impressed.  She has decided that since she eats out so much, that she is spoiled and expects everything to be great.

Dad's meal.

Oyster sliders

Mama's meal. $20 burger and fries.
After lunch, the folks drove to the Bainbridge Island Japanese American Memorial.  On March March 30, 1942, two hundred twenty–seven men, women and children, two–thirds of them were American citizens who were forcibly removed from their homes, rounded up by US Army soldiers armed with rifles and boarded a ferry to Seattle.  This group was taken to Death Valley were they were held for two years.  Mama does not remember learning anything about this in school, so she was quite shocked and saddened to learn that this happened in our country.  It happened all over the US and not just in Washington state.

The memorial includes a wall with the names of the people who were removed from Bainbridge Island.  Visitors have left items on the wall. 

Rock that tells the story of the evacuated people.

Ferry picked them up in this area.

The path the evacuees walked on their way to the ferry.

The island is beautiful and Mama said she would love living there.  The folks did not take the ferry home as they didn't want to have to wait for it and also they didn't want to pay another $25 to ride it. They did have to pay $5.50 to cross a bridge.  BOL!

The toll bridge.
The Greyhound Who Thinks Living On An Island Could Be Fun

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