Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Jack's Half-Sister Is At The Bridge :-(

As you may have figured out, we don't have a set plan for our blog. If there is nothing going on, we just don't blog.  This morning, we were discussing the blog over breakfast and decided there wasn't much to say.  We considered mentioning the death of Robin Williams and how sad Mama is over it.  She thinks it may bring a new light to the subject of depression.  She said he fought his demons for years and they finally won.  It is sad.

We also thought about telling you how I am the man of the house this week because Dad is in DC for meetings.  We decided that wasn't very interesting. 

It was 97 here yesterday.  It was hot, but that is not interesting.

Then we received an email and that caused us to blog. We received an email from Wanda's family.  Wanda is Jack's half-sister.  They let us know that Wanda and Jack are now together.  Yes, Wanda has died.  She was almost 12 and the best girl according to her family.  Her family is heartbroken.  Wanda's family reads our blog and sent Mama lots of support when Jack died. Mama always felt a connection to her because of Jack.  We are very sad to hear that Wanda is now at the Rainbow Bridge and we are sending her family lots of hugs and puppy kisses. She is no longer is pain and she is running like the wind.  Mama said that Jack is probably playing tour guide to his big sister.  RIP Wanda aka Quirky Wanda.

Photo Courtesy of Mary C. Hussman

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