Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Twin Peaks

After the folks left the Flight Museum on Saturday, they stopped off for dinner at Red House Beer and Wine Shop for dinner.  It is a cute little place that has good reviews.

Mama ordered the Steak Frites which is grilled flank steak, sauteed onions and mushrooms on top of frites which are french fries.

Steak Frites
Dad had a salad and Red House Paella.  The paella is prawns, clams, chicken, chorizo, roasted peppers, peas, paprika and saffron rice.

Red House Paella
They both thought the food was good, but something happened that soured Mama a little.  The young waitress asked Mama if she wanted a refill on her soda.  Mama said "sure".  The waitress came out with a can of Diet Pepsi and filled Mama's glass right there at the table.  Mama thought that was really odd.  Mama started wondering if she would be charged for the refill and sure enough she was.

Mama didn't eat all her fries, so she brought them home and turned them into hash browns for breakfast on Sunday.

Egg, bacon and gravy over hash browns
 Sunday, the folks visited Snoqualmie and North Bend, WA. This is where some of Twin Peaks was filmed.  The folks never watched the show, but they visited the falls and the cafe that appeared on the show.

Snoqualmie Falls

Mama thought it was beautiful, but felt a little shaky when she looked down and saw people at the bottom.  There are people down there.

They then drove to the bottom to get photos there.

After leaving the falls, the folks ate lunch at Twede's which is where some of the scenes of Twin Peaks were shot.

The place was packed when the folks arrived and they got the last table.  The cafe is known for their cherry pie.  They serve breakfast all day and have a large selection of hamburgers to choose from.

The folks started out with onion rings as an appetizer.

 They both ordered the Twin Peaks burger which is 2 patties with bacon, ham, swiss and cheddar cheese.  Mama knew she wouldn't eat all of hers, so we had a doggy bag.

They did not order the cherry pie because they were stuffed.  The food was okay, but nothing special.   Scout and I enjoyed our burger.

Tourists definitely come to the cafe because a lot of them were outside taking photos according to the folks.

Mama has been researching where some of the scenes from Sleepless In Seattle were shot.  She loves that movie, but doubts she will make it to the houseboat where Tom Hanks lived in the movie.

We picked more blackberries yesterday and another cobble just came out of the oven.  BOL!

The beaver has been really active this week.  The humans all seem to think he is interesting to watch.  :::shrugs shoulders:::

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