Saturday, August 2, 2014


Yesterday about 6 p.m., we went out for our walk before dinner.  We were just strolling along and then it happened.  A terrible pain in my leg.  I screamed!  I held my right front foot up.  Mama looked at the pad and found nothing.  She touched the top of my leg and I screamed and fell over.  I laid there on the ground screaming.  Mama kept trying to find what was wrong, but didn't see anything.  Mama said that she had to get me home, so I got up and tried to walk, but it hurt too bad to put weight on my leg.  Do you know how hard it is to walk when you only have two good legs?  It is not easy.  I don't count my back left leg as being good because the corn is back and I really don't like putting full weight on it.  We started back home slowly.  Do you think Scout was any help?  Not at all. She decided she had to poop.  Here I am in pain and she has to poop.  We get that cleaned up and walk a little further.  I decided maybe I should poop too.  Mama decided it can't be that bad if I can stop for that.  We finally make it back to the RV and I make it inside and lay down.  Mama starts to check me over again.  I am no longer screaming.  Dad walked in about that time.  He is way early.  I get up and show him my leg.  He can't find anything wrong with it either.  I try to lay down but my leg is throbbing.  I am offered a frosty treat and I eat that.  Mama thinks that frosty treats solve all problems.  BOL!  Mama give me one of my pain pills coated in peanut butter and I try to rest. Mama puts an ice pack on my leg.  I can't rest with that. She takes it off and after a while, I finally go to sleep.  I wake up a few hours later and I am fine.  Mama is happy that I am able to walk on my leg without the slightest limp.  Life is good!

Why do we think it was a bee?  Well, there are a lot of bees around and since I was not running and there are no signs of a cut, we just think that is what it was.  Dad said it was bound to happen.

The Greyhound Who Doesn't Understand Why A Bee Would Sting Him

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