Thursday, July 31, 2014

A Fix For Sliding Rugs

Mama used to get aggravated with our rugs because the vacuum would try to eat them.  She would have to turn off the vacuum so that it would release them.  It just made the job that much harder and we hate when she vacuums anyway.  She saw something at the Camping World in Kansas City that she wanted to try, but Dad told her it wouldn't work.  She waited until we got here and she bought a set.  What is it?

Yes, they do work!   The rugs stay put while Mama vacuums and we don't slide on the floor.  Mama is very pleased with them.  She went back to the store and bought more and now vacuuming is a breeze.  She does not know how well they would hold up in a washing machine, but our rugs are not machine washable so it does not matter to us.  The part that sticks to the floor is supposed to come up easily.  I guess we will find out if that is true when it is time to replace the rugs.  BOL!  They are carried in other stores other than Camping World.  She saw them at Fred Meyer this week. They probably carry them all over.

Best Bully Sticks is having a good sale.  They are offering 15%.  The code is in our sidebar.  We wish we could order.  We do not have mail service here and it would cost us way too much to have them shipped to our mailing address and then forwarded on to us at a later time.    We are having withdrawals as we are out.  Mama found a pet store here and bought us a few bones yesterday.  It is not the same though.

One of Scout's glamour shots.
We saw the beaver last night.  We ran to tell the host.  She keeps missing him.   One afternoon, the host and Mama waited and waited for him to come out.  It drew quite a crowd from the other campers.  BOL! 

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