Friday, July 4, 2014

Sleeping In Seattle

That's right, we are in Seattle!  We left Abilene on Sunday and after driving about 38 hours, we arrived in Seattle.  It was a very long drive.  It was the first time we have driven the motor home through the mountains.  Mama doesn't like driving a car through the mountains, so imagine how she felt with the motor home.  We didn't have any issues, but it was not something we really enjoyed. The worst mountains were in Oregon.  We had a 6% grade for 6 miles.  There were runaway ramps. She said we may just stay in Seattle.  BOL! 

Runaway Ramp
We have a lot more pictures to share with you, but I think we will wait and put those in another post. 

We are staying at the fairgrounds here.  We have a roller coaster across from us and a circus that goes on every night. The circus music is so loud that it vibrates the motor home.  It is not a bad place to stay and at least it is not boring.  We are looking for another place to stay because we can only book a week at a time here and you never know when they will tell us to move on.  We looked at the KOA, but they charge $2,100 a month.  They even charge $1.50 per dog per day.  That is expensive rent!  We normally pay around $700-$900 a month including electric.  We are hoping to find something that is not such a budget killer.

View from our campground.
The weather here is great!  We had to turn the heater on this morning because it was 51 degrees. The high yesterday was around 70.  It looks like we will be in the mid 70's next week. Queen Scout says it is acceptable.

I think the folks are going to sit outside and watch the fireworks tonight since there are no mosquitoes here.  Scout and I will stay inside.  Fireworks don't scare us, but Mama says it is still safer for us to stay inside.  This area is supposed to be really big with fireworks.

The Greyhound Who May Be Sleepless In Seattle Tonight Due To Fireworks

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