Tuesday, July 29, 2014

On The Wild Side

The folks visited Northwest Trek Wildlife Park on Sunday.  They passed by it on their way to Mt. Rainier the weekend before and Mama was surprised when Dad said he wanted to go.  She did some research and found that the park received excellent reviews.

The park only has animals that are native to this area.  Some of the animals are in enclosures such as the bear, cats and birds that have been injured and cannot fly. The bison, elk, moose, caribou are allowed to roam freely.  There is a tram that takes visitors through the area that the animals roam.  The tram ride is included in the admission price and it can be taken as many times as you like for no additional charge.  The tram ride takes about an hour and Mama said it was really nice.  She said some of the animals were close enough to touch.

Baby Caribou aka Reindeer

Daddy Caribou

Bison that did not want to get out of the way of the tram.



Mama and Baby Bison


Someone lost this.  The park leaves these for the animals to consume.

The animals have a lot of area to roam.

Bent tree due to heavy snow according to guide.

Baby elk

More caribou

Black bear - the enclosure is so much nicer than in a zoo.

Grizzly bear

Lots of tall trees.


Snowy owl

Bald eagles

There were other animals that Mama could not get decent pictures of such a moose, raccoons, coyotes, etc. The folks really enjoyed visiting this park.  It is very clean and well kept.  Mama said if she lived here, she would probably visit a few times a year.

The park has a zip line, but the folks didn't do that.  BOL!

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