Thursday, July 17, 2014

More Model A Cars

Mama and I were out for a walk this morning and we saw the Model A cars lined up for a photo.  We decided to take a closer look and we were treated to a "parade" as they left on their way to the car museum.

BOL!  He honked at me.
 After we got back from looking at the cars, we were talking to the host.  She told us about the beaver that lives here.  We told her we had seen it and that we saw raccoons the other day.  She asked where we saw the beaver, so we showed her and there was a raccoon there!  She said someone saw five of them in a tree yesterday.

He posed for pictures.
Last night, the fairgrounds had all the rides going and there were a lot of people screaming as they enjoyed the rides.  We thought it was fun to watch them on the rides.  About 10 p.m., I wanted to go outside and then the fireworks started.  It surprised us, but it didn't scare me.  I watched them for a few minutes.  They weren't loud. They basically just lit up the sky.  After that, loud music started. We were not quite as thrilled with that, but it ended at 11 p.m.

The repairman came.  He looked at what we wanted fixed.  He said he would call Dad.  We haven't heard from him since.  Dad said he will probably just have to make the repairs himself. 

Our heat wave ended yesterday.  Cooler days are head of us now.  The air conditioner appears to be okay, but we still don't trust it.  Mama crosses her fingers when she turns it on each day.  Dad said it may run for a long time.  He said it may have just needed oil.  He is still going to replace it. 

The Greyhound Who Enjoyed All The Waves And Honks He Received At The Parade

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