Thursday, July 10, 2014

Abilene, KS to Seattle, WA - Part 3

We began our final day of travel with a stop at the gas station.

We gas up with the big boys.
 I forgot to mention that the rest areas that we stopped at in Oregon and Idaho did not have nice dog walking areas.  They were mainly rocks and weeds.  Mama saw a man pulling things out of his dog's paws, so she broke the rules and walked us on the grass. 

We finally arrived in Washington state.  You can tell we have been on the road for a while by the number of bugs on our windshield.  BOL

Grapes, we think.

Our app told us there would be a 6% road grade, but it didn't seem all that bad.

 Finally, we arrived at our campground.  Well, it is not really a campground.  We are staying at the fairgrounds.  This is the third time that we have stayed at a fairground. We have full hook-ups and a nice grassy area, so it is fine.

The circus is across the street from us.

The roller coaster is also across from us.  We thought it might run on weekends, but it doesn't.
We were here on the 4th of July and we had prime real estate for fireworks.  It was not a city show, but people shot off fireworks until midnight.  Luckily, Scout and I are not scared of fireworks. It was very loud.  Our neighbor said their dog is scared, so they drove around for three hours trying to find a quiet place so that their dog could calm down.

Oh no!  We have just been told that there is a problem with leaving comments on our blog.  We have made an adjustment, so hopefully that works. 

The Greyhound Who Is Sleeping Fine In Seattle

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